Tennessee Auto Sales
425 East E Street
Elizabethton, TN 37643

(423) 213-5233


Stephanie Williams Gladson recommends (Facebook)  Tennessee Auto Sales  January 4 2021 "Best car buying experience I've ever had! Jason was wonderful! my son bought a 2006 Toyota 4runner, his first car purchase on his own. I recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a nice preowned car."

Lisa Hartmann recommends ( Facebook) Tennessee Auto Sales January 3 2021  "This was the easiest car buying experience ever! Customer service was phenomenal. Gave us a fair price for our trade, and we were out the door in no time! I would highly, highly recommend!"

Nikki Jenkins recommends Tennessee Auto Sales (Facebook)  December 7 2020  "We bought a Toyota 4runner a few weeks ago from here. The customer service was great and everyone there was easy to talk to and answered any questions we had. So far we have not had any issues with the vehicle and we are pleased. I would definitely recommend Tennessee Auto Sales to anyone looking for a good used vehicle! Thanks guys!"


Tim Arden recommends Tennessee Auto Sales (Facebook) December 6 2020   "Drove from out of state to purchase a Toyota Sequoia. Jason was very helpful and quick to respond. He was very honest during our communication. Before we arrived he sent a copy of the Carfax and was sure to point out a few minor blemishes on the used vehicle so there would be no surprises which I really appreciated.

In person we had a great experience from everyone at TN Auto Sales. The paperwork was quick and easy and we were quickly on our way. We turned around and drove home (7 hr drive) and no issues with the truck at all. I highly recommend Jason and the team!"

Court Dav recommends Tennessee Auto Sales  (Facebook) November 17 2020   "Wonderful purchasing experience with owner who was trusting throughout the process."

Abi98  (CarGurus) December 1 2020  "Very quick communication and clear expectations on both ends. No under the rug business! We enjoyed doing business with Jason."

Guru9Z981V  (CarGurus) November 30 2020 "The dealer was very nice, informed and genuine. Answered all questions and was pleasant to talk to."

 "Communicated very quickly and consistently"


Tim (CarGurus) May 18 2020  "Positive experience, vehicle condition was as advertised, no surprises. Friendly staff."

Guru8BJ2L (CarGurus) February 29 2020 "Very professional. Honest. Good to work with."

tnheatherdawn (CarGurus) November 1 2019  "Responded to questions quickly. Helped us find an excellent loan from Eastman Credit Union, so easy. Very happy with our 370z that we bought."

Matthew (CarGurus) May 28 2019 "Scott was awesome from beginning to end. Love my new car!"

GuruLVL91 (CarGurus) April 11 2019 "Great experience!!"

MarioGrim (CarGurus) April 6 2019  "Made the process of buying nice and easy. Great guys."

Brian (CarGurus) February 26 2019 "Fair and ez going car lot."

NOneTundra (CarGurus) February 22 2019 "Fast responce. Answered all questions. Easy to get to location in historic downtown and we enjoyed visiting the area. Car was better than described and all their vehicles are very clean and in good shape with fair prices. He even met us after hours!"

Adwo ( CarGurus) February 13 2019  "Great experience at Tennessee Auto Sales. Professional, knowledgeable and great people. Quick response to my inquiry and answered all of my questions. Highly recommend. Easy to work with."